Liberating The Malay Mind

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Liberating The Malay Mind
ISBN:  978-967-5266-29-4
by M. Bakri Musa
In Liberating The Malay Mind, M. Bakri Musa maps with clarity a path towards a liberated Malaysia by carefully examining the country’s past and evaluating the current Malay obsession with Ketuanan Melayu.  The book explores the way in how special rights and “sons of soil” privileges bestowed have inhibited the Malay people from forging an educated, dynamic and globally competitive Tanah Melayu.
Dr. Bakri Musa examines Malay culture through the prisms of history, psyche and religion and details the steps necessary to liberate the collective Malay mindset through free access to information, an enlightened education system, and engagement in commerce.
With this careful navigation, and not by pinning hopes on the political amulet of Article 153, Liberating The Malay Mind forges a way towards a self-sufficient Malaysia, able to turn crises into opportunities, and challenges into inspirations.
“Unlike our political merdeka –  which was granted to us by the British – our liberated mind cannot be bestowed.  We have to strive for it. Then we will be Tuans even elsewhere other than Tanah Melayu.” 

3 Responses to “Liberating The Malay Mind”

  1. K Das says:

    An insular mind tethered to race and religion (whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu or any other) is an insidious recipe for sure regression and instability. Education, exposure and wising up along growing-up years, shape one’s mindset and thinking. Put a computer in every rural home and IT training centre in every village, the chances are that mono race-based parties will be cut down to size, if not obliterated altogether, hopefully, in one generation. Untutored minds are entrapped by wily politicians who play up the race/religion card for them to acquire or retain the coveted power they so much seek or hold on to. Free the mind with education and life skills including computer skill and you will see the emergence of a happier, confident and knowledge-skilled Malaysia.

  2. K Das says:

    It puzzles me why the Taoists, who outnumber, the Muslims, Christians or Hindus, never make their religion an issue for themselves or to others. I have yet to come across an instance where you see them running amok because others have slighted their religion, if at all. Is it because they don’t take their religion and the culture related to it seriously? It cannot be so. You see them praying to their Gods before their altar in almost every home, hold processions with their Gods seated in palanquins atop carried poles , burning stacks of joss papers during the ghost month and so on.

    There must be some explanation for this. Perhaps our Chinese friends reading this post may want to comment in this regard.

  3. Abangcina says:

    Aiyo Mr Das, Chinese care about their own welfare first like wat the buleh say – charity starts from home la….so they leave the top-down governance to the government of the day. And when they pray to celestial beings, they hope for private gain just like other muslims, christians, hindus, etc……..Have you heard of any religious followers praying day-in-day-out for the good of all other human kinds whoever they are, including their own???

    To answer your question – Taoists here are realist and the religion has not been hijacked by the politicians.

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